What You Should Not Miss in Custom Steel Water Tanks for Home?

Do you know that a water storage tank can greatly influence the health of your family? Though plastic and concrete water tanks are affordable, they can affect you adversely. Custom steel water tanks are suitable for residential and commercial settings. SS tanks have gained popularity over GI tanks due to their durability and safety.


A stainless-steel water tank comes with a range of features. If you are buying an SS tank for the first time, it is essential to know about these features. Any good SS tank comes with multiple layers to safeguard water from external elements. Following are the things you cannot miss while buying custom steel water tanks for your home.


Tanks Made with Duplex Stainless Steel

It is important to buy custom steel water tanks made with 2205 stainless steel. The main advantage of the 2205 stainless-steel water tank is that it offers superior corrosion resistance. If the water supply in your area contains harsh chemicals, it is a good idea to invest in 2205 SS tanks.


Another key benefit of SS tanks made with 2205 steel is their durability. It is pretty normal that you won’t want to buy tanks after every three to four years. The 2205 SS tanks can last for decades and provide superior durability.


Chromium Oxide Layer in SS Tanks

While buying a customised stainless steel water tank, ensure that its inner surface is coated with a layer of chromium oxide. This layer prevents the tank from corroding when exposed to dissolved oxygen in water. Moreover, the chromium oxide layer in a customised stainless steel water tank makes the inner surface inert.


Lift Hooks

It is important to install SS tanks properly to get the most out of them. Therefore, ensure that they come with lift hooks for easy installation. The manufacturer should provide all tools and accessories that are essential for hassle-free installation.


Tanks with Multiple Layers

A customised stainless steel water tank should come with multiple layers to protect the quality of stored water. Usually, most SS tanks are available with a five-layer technology. In these tanks, the top three layers are for insulation. On the other hand, the two layers are for ensuring hygiene and resistance against harsh weather.


Connection Scopes

The best SS water tanks for home should come with a wide variety of connection scopes. In this manner, you can utilise this tank for a wide variety of purposes. Moreover, the presence of numerous connection scopes will facilitate easy plumbing across your entire home.


Prevents the Buildup of Limescale Deposits

One of the key highlights of an SS tank is that it actively prevents the accumulation of limescale deposits. Therefore, while buying SS water tanks for home, make sure that they come with a non-corrugated surface. This non-corrugated inner surface can effectively address the problem of limescale deposits.


So, these are some must-have features of an SS water tank you cannot ignore. If you want to buy the top SS water tanks for home, contact Purever. They are one of the most reputed stainless steel tank manufacturers in India. The company is revolutionising tank manufacturing using 316L and 2205 grades of stainless steel.

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