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Here are some common questions about Purever

  1. A Stainless Steel water Tank has a service life will in excess of 40 years and are designed to withstand the harshest of whether conditions.
  2. The reputation of Stainless Steel is a strong, durable and hygienic material is unsurpassed – in fact it is mandatory for food and pharmaceutical processing plants, hospitals and other sterile areas. You will have peace of mind when it comes to the quality of your water.
  3. Stainless Steel is fully recyclable
  4. Its look fantastic
  5. With an extended service life and reduced maintenance costs, they in fact COST LESS than other comparative tanks over the working life of the tank.

Purever manufacture our water tanks only from surgical grade stainless steels. The S.S material En 1.4404 itself is naturally corrosion resistant, is generally considered the minimum requirement in implant grade material and this is the reason why our water tanks have such an incredible lifespan. We also offer En 1.4462 Duplex SS marine grade tanks for locations subject to extreme salt corrosion such as harsh coastal locations.

Categorically stainless steel is. Firstly stainless steel can be perpetually recycled and is in fact the most recycled metal of all alloys meaningless embodied energy in production. Plastic however is continuously down-cycled until ending up in landfill. Secondly, stainless literally lasts a lifetime. Less energy input and a longer lifespan means stainless steel tanks have the smallest environmental footprint over their full life cycle. Best performance with least environmental impact- that’s why we love our product!

We can produce custom individual water tanks up to 50,000 litres in size. We can also connect multiple tanks and set-up configurations for larger capacity installations. Just ask us about these options to see how we can meet your requirements with a great solution.

We are based in New Delhi and Gurgaon, where our factory is located in NCR. However, we provide products and services to house owners, commercial establishments and distributors throughout India, please contact us to discuss what transport options are available.

It’s very simple. From the point of order, the process usually takes approx. 3-4 days for your tank(s) to be manufactured and delivered. We offer great customer service and will guide you through every step of the process. We can help create the perfect water tank storage solution for you. Contact us today to start the process on your tank.

Yes, you are installing a water switch and/or pump to connect your tank to your home water supply (e.g. for using the water in the laundry or toilet), then you will need your regular plumber to perform your installation.

For drinking water stainless steel tanks offer the purest water storage available and increases health and quality of life. Our tanks are sealed with the highest quality Heavy foams, and have no plastic linings. Inside our tanks is a pure surface of gleaming stainless steel which is cleaned during the manufacturing process prior to delivery so no washing is necessary.

Inside of Tank, Over time impurities and sand settle down on in tank bottom.Open the drain valve for few minutes, first the mud will come out then as clear water starts to come out close the drain valve. Do this once a month, Outside of Tanks outer body keep clean & wash once in 6 months to avoid dust/mud deposit do that once in 6 months.

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