Purever’s core value is to give more back to the world than we take from it. Sustainable growth is one principle that we follow at every step to ensure that we fulfill our responsibility. We aim at eradicating the use of plastic from as many industries as possible especially the water storage industry. We aspire to minimize our footprint on our mother earth and also help our customers and end users to do the same.

Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

The main objective of the Health, Safety and Environmental protection plan (HSE) is to study and implement practical aspects of environmental protection and safety at workplaces. The prime objective of Purever’s HSE principles is to prevent any kind of accidents and mishaps along with preventive health care and an ongoing effort of reducing any kind of negative impact of our business activities on the environment.

Environmental Protection

Being cautious of how and what we take from the environment is one of our focus areas at all time. We aim at continuously reducing any kind of negative effect on the environment by using more eco-friendly ways of production, using lesser energy, reducing emissions and also by optimizing our transport processes.

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