What are Alkaline Ionised Water Health Benefits for Children?

None of us is unaware of the fact that drinking at least eight glasses of water can be good for health and longevity. Drinking water in adequate quantities can have a positive impact your quality of life. But are you aware of the alkaline ionised water health benefits?


Alkaline water occurs naturally and can also be developed artificially with an OSG filter. The ionisation process separates the alkaline and acidic components of water. You can buy the OSG alkaline hydrogen water system for a steady supply of alkaline water. One of the key highlights of alkaline water is that it affects your kid’s health positively. Alkaline water contains beneficial minerals that can enrich your child’s body.


What are the Essential Aspects to Know About Alkaline Water?

The alkaline ionised water health benefits are mainly in the form of neutralising the acidic pH level. It is a comprises higher pH than regular tap water. The regular water we drink at home contains dissolved solids and minerals like sodium, calcium, etc. Note that regular tap water is neutral with a pH level of 7.


On the contrary, alkaline water is essential, with a pH level of more than 8. As it is less acidic than normal water, alkaline water comprises various compounds like calcium, potassium, bicarbonates, etc. The reason behind the alkaline ionised water health benefits is its alkaline minerals and negative ORP. ORP, also known as Oxidation Reduction Potential, is the water’s ability to act as an antioxidant.


Is Alkaline Water Safe for Children?

The primary advantage of alkaline water is its suitability for kids. Numerous medical practitioners have highlighted the effectiveness of alkaline water for kids. Alkaline water can boost cognitive abilities in children and trigger physical growth.


Moreover, if your child frequently contracts gastrointestinal illnesses, alkaline water can be an effective solution. It neutralises acid levels in the human body and promotes good digestion.


Eliminates Free Radicals

Alkaline water is micro-clustered and comes with antioxidants. These antioxidants can effectively remove free radicals from the human body. So, another advantage of alkaline water its active role in fortifying immune system in children. Alkaline water is also beneficial in protecting your kids from common bacterial infections.


Promotes Bone Health in Children

During childhood, new bone is added to the skeleton faster in the human body. So, childhood is the prime stage for the development of healthy bones. Promoting bone health is another main advantage of alkaline water for children. By drinking alkaline water regularly, your child can boost their bone health.


Improves Cardiac Functions

One of the key alkaline water benefits is its ability to boost the functioning of the heart. The high pH value and minerals of alkaline water decrease the viscosity of blood in children. New parents should be aware of the alkaline water benefits for children before investing in an OSG water filter.


Now you know the alkaline water benefits for your child, you can invest in a high-quality OSG Alkaline Hydrogen Water System. If you want to buy the best OSG Alkaline Hydrogen Water System, Purever is the best option. The OSG water systems from Purever come with advanced functionalities that are normally not present in other OSG filters.

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