OSG Alkaline Hydrogen Water System

What is electrolyzed reduced water (electrolyzed hydrogen water)?

When water is electrolyzed, hydrogen is generated on the negative electrode side (cathode side), and as cations such as hydroxide ions and calcium ions increase, electrolyzed reduced water (electrolyzed hydrogen water) is produced.

High-performance water purification cartridge


Product name [Overseas product model] ET-800S
Power supply/power consumption AC 220-240V 50/60Hz 210W (maximum) 0.7W (standby)
Type and common name Machinery and equipment 83 Medical substance generator Continuous electrolyzed water generator
Medical device certification number 303AFBZX00032A01 <Controlled medical equipment> (Japan)
Main body Dimensions: Width 255mm x Depth 130mm x Height 335mm
Weight: Approx. 8kg (when full) Approx. 6kg (when dry)
Water supply specifications Switching cock connection: 3-stage switching type (built-in hot water stopper and pressure relief valve)
electrolysis system Continuous electrolysis method (built-in flow sensor)
Maximum water temperature for continuous use 40℃
Maximum water pressure for continuous use 0.5MPa
electrolytic Water discharge amount (0.1MPa) Electrolyzed hydrogen water (main): approx. 2.4L/min, acidic water (secondary): approx. 0.6L/min
Water discharge ratio Electrolyzed hydrogen water: acidic water 4:1
electrolytic level 8 stages (electrolyzed reduced water: 5 stages, acidic water: 2 stages, purified water)
Continuous usable time Normal mode 10 minutes, <strong> mode 5 minutes
Cleaning method Automatic cleaning method (30 seconds cleaning time) and manual (60 seconds optional with guide)
Filtration flow rate (at 0.1MPa) 3.0L/min
Minimum usable dynamic water pressure 0.1MPa
Water purification cartridge (LF-C1A) Type of filter media activated carbon, non-woven fabric
Water purification capacity (total filtration flow rate) *1
Free residual chlorine Total filtration flow rate 12,000L
turbidity Total filtration flow rate 12,000L
soluble lead Total filtration flow rate 12,000L
CAT (Pesticides) Total filtration flow rate 12,000L
2-MIB (mold smell) Total filtration flow rate 12,000L
total trihalomethanes Total filtration flow rate 12,000L
Chloroform Total filtration flow rate 12,000L
Bromodichloromethane Total filtration flow rate 12,000LL
dibromochloromethane Total filtration flow rate 12,000L
Bromoform Total filtration flow rate 12,000L
Tetrachlorethylene Total filtration flow rate 12,000L
Trichlorethylene Total filtration flow rate 12,000L
Estimated time to replace filter media *2 12,000ℓ (value of 80% removal rate according to JIS S 3201 test) Approximately 1 year (when using 30ℓ per day)
protection device Current fuse, power supply overheat auto OFF, auto OFF when over output

*1: Value with a removal rate of 80% in a test based on the household water purifier test method (JIS S 3201). For turbidity, the value is at 50% filtration flow rate.

*2: To maintain the performance of this device, the cartridge must be replaced once a year. The usage amount is based on free residual chlorine.

*3: If special installation is required other than standard installation work, a separate installation fee will be charged.

*Before use, please read the instruction manual carefully and use it correctly.

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