Product Overview

The storage vessel is entirely made of m Duplex 2205 stainless steel to EN 1.4462, ASTM S3 2205/S31803 (with PRE value of 35). This Ferritic-Austenitic steel combines high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and stress corrosion cracking resistance as well as excellent pitting resistance.

This marine-grade Duplex gives a lowthermal expansion and high chloride resistance For particularly aggressive water (chloride content greater than 100mg/litre). It has a great strength-to-weight ratio which allows the finished cylinderto be substantiallylowerthan othermaterials.

Product Overview

Authentic GuaranteedEuropian NormEuropian Standard


Laser Cut Technology

Laser Cut Precision

With the High defined laser cutting machine, we have achieved perfection, micro-burr-free cutting results. Durable & Reliable, creating extremely smooth cutting edges which generally do not require post-processing.



Build with 3mm solid and robust stainless steel thick sheet and are based on GERMAN STANDARD. In Signature series tanks, we use TIG wielding technology to double its tensile strength Due to its heavy thickness, there is no need of grooving on the layer of stainless steel.

Hygienic Level

Rich Hygienic Level

Many industries related to food, pharma and milk prefers to use these kinds of durable and hygienic water storage tanks. Signatures Series Water tanks are excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and elegant where hardness and TDS level is very high.

25 Years Warranty

Comes with 25 Years Warranty

Qualified to maintain water temperature in every climatic conditions.

Highly recommended for harsh locations.

3 Times Strength

3 Times Strength

A technological advancement in Water Tank Industry, Known for its Sustainability, Strength, Durability & Longevity. No requirements of Grooving which results no sticking of Moss on the tank. It’s a Guaranteed Product against corrosion damage.

7 Layer Insulation

World Class 7 Layer Insulation

Certified to deliver excellence on every perspective and hygienically qualified to tackle any weather conditions and preserving the quality of water. Every layer is powerful and proficient to maintain water temperature and keep stored water hygienic and uncontaminated.

High Tank Capacity


Stainless Steel Water Tanks has unique and beautiful design, can be customize from small to huge capacities. Our SS water tanks add value because of its custom design i.e. capacity with insulation for water storage with advanced German standard technology.

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