Why Customized ss water storage tanks are the new fashion?

If you happen to pay attention to the construction work happening around you, you might notice a lot of homes are now installing Customized SS water storage tanks on the rooftop. You might also notice the brand name, Purever. Yes, Purever is the leading manufacturer of Customized stainless steel water tanks, and for all the valid reasons.

You can understand the reasons for Purever’s popularity and preference if you understand the benefits of stainless steel. Stainless Steel is now the recommended plumbing and water disbursal raw material by construction and plumbing experts. Stainless Steel whether in the form of pipes, water fittings, or storage tanks is seen as a healthy trend worldwide. In this blog, we are sharing some details on the same.

Customized ss water storage tanks, ss water tanks

Stainless steel is the best raw material to disburse water and even for storage. Plastic and PVC was been used to disburse water or to build water storage tanks. Both these materials are chemically reactive and get highly affected by the temperature fluctuation which means chemical leaching of water takes place in the water storage tank. Now imagine your family getting contaminated water if you have installed a plastic or PVC water tank! Even copper or any other metal-based water tank is not suitable because they react to weather fluctuations. You may feel the water stored in PVC or plastic water tank gets very hot or cold as per seasonal fluctuations. But stainless steel ensures consistent temperature of the water. In fact, Purever water tanks come with seven layer water tank technology that keeps the water temperature near 20° even when it is freezing cold outside.

Purever water tanks are quality certified. Purever is the leading manufacturers of ss water storage tanks. They use only the superior grade stainless steel and all their products are quality certified and pass through rigorous testing.

Purever water tanks can be customised. This is the biggest advantage or reason for the popularity of stainless steel water tanks manufactured by Purever. So if you do not want a cylinder shape water tank, you can get the shape changed as per your arhcitectural requirement and yu can even get a square shape stainless steel water tank. Te company will customise it as per your requirement you can even offer coloursed water tanks or as per Vastu specifications.


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