Why Plastic water tanks a danger of health today?

Plastic as such is a hazardous material. It’s non-biodegradable. It’s not environment-friendly and it’s not good for health. All these reasons would definitely convince you that plastic should never be used for story water. The latest research has also found out that plastic water tanks should not be used for water storage.

Why Plastic water tanks, purever water tanks


Plastic water tanks came into picture as a cheap and economical choice but their cost comes out heavy in terms of health aspects. Plastic reacts to the temperature and weather conditions like in summer season, due to extreme heat and sunshine, plastic starts causing chemical leaching into the water. Now, if your family consumes this contaminated water, they may fall prey to water-borne diseases or other gut related health problems. The cost of paying hospital bills would be much higher than the price you would pay for good quality water tank.


Talking about good quality water tanks, stainless steel water tanks are in trend these days and for all the valid reasons. Stainless steel is an eco-friendly raw material. It does not cause any corrosion or chemical leaching into the water. It does not react to temperature fluctuations and when you invest in a premium grade, stainless steel water tank made by top companies like Purever water tanks, you get the benefit of seven-layer technology. Purever is the only company that offers seven-layer water tank technology which gives you robust water tanks that have seven outer layers of steel. This means even the harmful UV rays of the sun cannot penetrate these tanks and the water remain safe, clean and pure.


Another reason why health experts are recommending you to shift to stainless steel water tank instead of a plastic water tank is that stainless steel is durable. Plastic water tanks wither soon; these tanks wear and tear or break away in a short passage of time. You would neither get your money’s worth nor peace of mind if you spend it on a plastic water tank.


A stainless steel water tank remains sturdy and functional even after 10 or 15 years depending upon the quality of steel. Spending on stainless steel water tank is an investment that will give you health returns and satisfaction also because plastic water tanks are not good for environment as well.


Even for commercial establishments. stainless steel water tanks are recommended because you can get them customised in the size and specification you want and they can be made as big as your company needs them to be. Purever is India’s top stainless steel water tank manufacturing company that leads in customized ss water tanks. You can read more about their quality commitment and the premium grade 316 else stainless steel the company uses its custom ss water tanks.

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