How stainless steel tanks deliver pure and safe water?

Health experts all over the world have realized the ecological and health benefits of using stainless steel in the water disbursal process. Not just the water pipes but even the water tanks are now being made with stainless steel and for all valid reasons.

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The very first reason is that stainless steel is a corrosion-free raw material. It would not corrode due to temperature or weather fluctuations. Environmental changes do not affect stainless steel so that means the water stored in a stainless steel tank would not get contaminated because of chemical leaching as it happens when you install a plastic or PVC water tank. Stainless steel is an eco-friendly material and highly durable as well. When you install a stainless steel water tank, you can be sure of the fact that it will remain good for at least 10 to 15 years.


Talking about purely and cleanliness, water stored in any PVC of plastic or any other metal tank gets affected by leaching and other environmental reasons but stainless steel is a sturdy material. In fact, the water tanks made by Purever are manufactured using seven layers stainless steel water tank technology which means the tank has seven layers of steel and no not even the harmful UV rays of the Sun can penetrate it.


Also, Purever uses only the high grade, premium quality stainless steel in manufacturing; its Signature, Cuzart and other ranges of water tanks are appreciated worldwide for their quality and purity standard. So, when you install Purever water tank, you not only get pure and cleanest drinking water, you also get the option to choose or customize the water tank as per the space you have or as per Vastu requirements. Cuzart range by Purever water tanks can be customized in horizontal or square shape.


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