What Type Of SS Water Tanks Are Best For Homes In India?

When selecting top-class SS water tanks for home in India, stainless steel water tanks offer superior durability, hygiene, and low maintenance compared to other materials. Stainless steel does not rust, corrode, or contaminate water. With multiple types available, this blog post will overview top stainless steel water tank options to meet residential needs.


SS Water Tanks, customised SS Tanks


Tropinox Series

Tropinox stainless steel water tanks from leading manufacturers are built for tropical climates. They prevent algae growth and bacteria that can occur in warmer regions. Tropinox tanks have a two-layered body with thermoplastic insulation sandwiched between the stainless layers. This insulation inhibits heat transfer to keep stored water cooler for longer periods.


Pharminox Series

For residential or commercial applications needing water of potable purity, Pharminox stainless steel water tanks deliver hygienic storage. They meet standards for pharmaceutical and food/beverage contact. Electropolishing and non-porous construction prevent corrosion and contamination. Silicone gaskets further protect water quality. Pharminox tanks satisfy the highest sanitation requirements.


Hyginox Series

Featuring a patented BioFilm Control coating, Hyginox stainless steel water tanks stop microbes and biofilms from colonising tank walls. The nano-particle coating evenly distributes over welds and edges to actively kill microorganisms. This prevents slime buildup and foul odours. Hyginox tanks keep stored water fresh and prevent clogging of plumbing fixtures. The hygienic tanks are optimal for homes.


Purinox Series

Utilising a cutting-edge NanoShield enamel coating, Purinox stainless steel water tanks prevent corrosion and leaching of metal ions into the water. This inert glass coating provides a non-reactive surface. Purinox tanks are ideal for sensitive applications like purified drinking water storage, water coolers and ice makers. Their non-leaching purity makes them a smart choice for home installation.


Choosing the Right Stainless Steel Water Tank

When selecting SS water tanks for home, keep these tips in mind:


Consider your water source and usage – well water or municipal supply, drinking needs, irrigation uses, etc. This helps determine the required tank capacity and features.

Measure available space and clearances to size the tank dimensions accordingly. Horizontal or vertical tanks may be better suited depending on space constraints.

Choose insulation, coatings and accessories suited for your climate conditions like extreme heat or hard water.

Custom fabrications allow tanks to perfectly fit requirements. Discuss options like connections, manways and exterior coatings.

Validate certifications and inspect prototype quality before purchase. Reputable companies welcome pre-production inspections.


Customization Options

Top brands offer custom water tank designs to meet specific home needs. Available options include the choice of connections, added manholes for access, tank dimension sizing, painted exteriors and other specialised fabrication. Experienced manufacturers can engineer tanks tailored to the space and technical requirements of your residential application.


Technical Specifications


Leading stainless steel water tank manufacturers offer residential models in capacities ranging from 100 litres up to 20,000 litres. Tanks come in vertical or horizontal orientations. Stainless steel thickness meets or exceeds standards for integrity and insulation factor. Food-grade EPDM rubber gaskets ensure water-tight seals during temperature fluctuations.


Installation Support

Reputable stainless custom water tank companies have extensive dealer networks providing certified installation services across India. Trained technicians ensure proper placement and plumbing connections for safety and full functionality. Onsite support is available for maintenance and repairs throughout the long working life of tanks.


With insights on the ideal tank series from Purever, households can enjoy clean, cool water on demand. Stainless steel construction makes these tanks the premier choice for hygienic water storage in a home setting. Stainless tanks are a smart investment that pays dividends through years of reliable service.

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