Why Are Stainless Steel Water Tanks the Best Option for Water Purity in India

Since time immemorial, water tanks have been a popular and valuable addition to Indian houses. Besides reducing electricity bills, installing water storage tanks simplifies daily errands like washing clothes, cooking, bathing, etc. People residing in urban regions already understand the importance of a premium-quality water tank.

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But it seems installing a plastic water tank isn’t enough in a land where most lakes, rivers and water surfaces get polluted because of solid wastes, industry pollutants, and untreated sewage. That’s where SS tanks come into being. Welcome to this post that elucidates why stainless steel water tanks are an ideal alternative to their cheaper counterparts in India.


An Introduction To Stainless Steel Custom Water Tanks: How Are They Revolutionizing the Water Storage Requirements?

Some rural areas do not have direct access to potable water. And those who had earlier installed plastic water tanks no longer considered it a viable option. Thankfully, homeowners are getting a safer and healthier alternative with the inception of stainless steel water tanks.


Impure water contributes to severe health complications (it is still common in some parts of rural India). Since stain steel (more preferably Duplex 2205) combines high strength, stress corrosion cracking, and corrosion resistance, it can offer healthy water. The following are some advantages of installing stainless steel custom water tanks in Indian houses.


Extremely Durable, Corrosion-Resistant, and Heat-Resistant

SS water tanks are durable by nature, meaning they last you longer than other types like plastic. They are incredibly durable as they are made of corrosion-resistant metal. Before the advent of SS tanks, stainless steel was used for manufacturing surgical equipment, kitchen utensils, etc. So, you already know by now that they are corrosion-resistant and sturdy.


These tanks offer resistance to crevice corrosion, wear and tear in contaminated and pure water, and cavitation. Besides, they are heat resistant and remain unaffected when exposed to radiation. They won’t crack, freeze, or rust, which is great for Delhi and Noida people, where hard water can corrode the pipelines. A Duplex 2205 stainless steel water tank can be the best solution in these regions.


Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, and Easy to Maintain

You can expect to get pure water with SS tanks installed in your house since these water tanks neither rust nor freezes the pipelines. In short, they are a sustainable and eco-friendly solution compared to other materials like plastic. SS storage tanks are made of recycled materials that do not have harmful chemicals.


Regarding its maintenance, SS tanks are hygienic and don’t leak or contaminate the water inside. Look for a manufacturer that offers superior-graded tanks with drainage right at the bottom. With the drainage pipe installed at the bottom of the tank, cleaning becomes easier.


Hygeinic & Cost-Effective

Most homeowners aren’t even aware that concrete storage, despite cost benefits, has an unhygienic side. They are susceptible to mould and bacterial growth. Also, they can contribute to chemical leakage too. They are porous and leach calcium, thereby contaminating your house’s water supply.


On the other hand, stainless steel custom water tanks comprise a high-passive film stability that leads to water inertness. They have a longer lifespan compared to other cheaper variants.


Want to get pure water with SS tanks? Now is the right time to consult Purever, a company that has mastered SS engineering. Purever’s water tanks are made to last the test of time with 3x the strength of regular tanks and 25 years of warranty. This BASF insulation-certified company can implement the best-in-class seven insulation technology into the system.

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