Stainless Steel Tanks for Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Use:

Tanks are used in a variety of ways in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications, including the storage and mixing of chemicals and chemical compounds, as well as research. Tank fabrication, therefore, must facilitate the safe handling of harsh chemicals while preventing contamination and leaching. Stainless steel tanks are popular choices, each offering unique properties and advantages for specific applications.

Stainless steel tanks are used for mixing applications that require pressure or vacuum ratings. These tanks are also used for storage and processing in the pharmaceutical industry.

Stainless steel tanks also offer high resistance against rough materials that can create vulnerability in plastic tanks.

Stainless steel tank fabrication offers advantages over plastic tank fabrication, such as:

  • Higher resistance to cracking and temperature
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High physical strength and durability
  • Chemical treatments reduce reactivity
  • Recyclable
  • Hygienic

In addition to the benefits listed above, stainless steel is typically very easy to clean — one of the most important criteria in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Today, everything is about keeping our environment safe. Plastic, we all know, is not that kind of material. But stainless steel is easily recycled and can be reused to make other products from it.

So, when you compare the stainless-steel tanks with the plastic ones, the steel ones seem to be a better option by all means. Knowing that stainless steel tanks are more durable, safe to be moved around and easy to maintain, they should be your choice for all commercial purposes as well.


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