Why Stainless-Steel Water Tanks are Preferred over any other tanks?

There are a wide variety of water storage tanks available in the market. These can be purchased in varied specifications, as well as material of construction. However, whatever options are available in the market, most buyers always prefer to buy stainless steel water storage tanks.

Why Stainless-Steel Water Tanks?

  • Stainless steel water tanks guarantee safe and clean storage of water as their interior does not breed algae.
  • Compared to their plastic variant, stainless steel tanks possess a longer service life. They are impact, fire, and corrosion resistant.
  • Stainless steel tanks do not require much maintenance compared to plastic tanks.
  • Steel tanks can be fabricated with specialized coating/finishes to augment their rust resistance, especially when used in corrosive applications.
  • Compared to plastic tanks, stainless steel tanks can be fabricated to higher capacity.
  • Plastic tanks are susceptible to leaks, however, stainless steel water storage tanks are not.
  • Since stainless steel tanks are rough and tough and sturdy in construction, they are safe to move without causing any damage. However, extra care must be taken during the transit of plastic tanks as they might get damaged while being lifted by a forklift.
  • Stainless steel tanks can be easily recycled compared to plastic tanks.

As it can be seen from the above points, a good quality stainless steel water tank has many more advantages than a plastic water tank.

Make a Healthy Choice of Purever SS Water Tanks:

  • Multiple Stainless-Steel Layers
  • Custom Stainless-Steel Fittings
  • Equipped with Water Level Controller
  • Easy Drainage System

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