Why is it time to rethink about ‘LUXURY’ & the way we live?

‘Luxury’ is a thing we all crave for. It is what we all aspire to have and also desire for our families. It is the reason we do labor, day in and day out; to become capable enough of ensuring the happiness and comfort of our families.

But, is that what luxury, really is?

Indeed, it is the monetary power of being able to afford certain things and giving our loved ones the best of everything. It is the ability to cater to every want that they have.  

But, allow me to ask another question here- Is it not equally important to ensure that- your child is safe at every given point of time, your mother is not at a risk of any disease, your spouse is free from the dangers on the road?

It is, definitely more crucial and significant.      

So, shouldn’t we start with safeguarding our family against every possible danger first, and then give in to indulgence?

Let us read about a few items, that we- ‘the conscious-social-beings’ own, but are not aware of important details related to them. We use these every day and thus, it becomes all the more essential, that we deeply understand how critical they are from a safety and health perspective. And that why it makes sense or rather is absolutely necessary to invest wisely in them.

And most of these products not only fulfil our safety needs but also cater to our desire for a certain social status.

Shockproof houses 

We build a house and with constant little effort over the years turn it into a home. And even a tiny damage to it can really affect us both mentally and financially. Thus, the effect of something like an earthquake is soul-crushing for anyone.

My point here is before we buy a number of posh properties and call ourselves owners of acres of land or buildings, let’s first make our homes a 100% safe place. And not only earthquakes, we need to make sure our home is safe from all kinds of danger, be it related to electrical hazards or something as small as the paint that we use for painting the walls.

There are ferrocement bands and embedded metal strips available in the market these days, that help in strengthening a pre-constructed building. Similarly, there are a lot of companies that sell no-VOC & non- toxic paints.

Stainless steel water tanks

Have we ever given a second thought about the water that we use in our homes? Yes, the water that we and our family use for almost everything, from bathing, watering plants to washing vegetables. The age-old method of storing water in plastic or concrete tanks is actually affecting the health of everyone in more ways than we would like to admit.

I personally feel that the plastic tanks have a conspiracy of killing everyone with hot water throughout the summer season. Along with that, it is widely known that plastic produces BPA estrogenic chemical, which can lead to serious health concerns.

Concrete tanks, on the other hand, become home to moss and lichens; and encourage the growth of algae, bacteria, and fungus.

And after all the grandeur that we spend in, do we really want a big blank tank on the top of our beautiful homes? Or almost a monstrous looking cement one?  

Switching to stainless steel water tanks is the answer here, it not only saves us and our loved ones from deadly diseases, but also adds to the beauty of our homes.  

And finally, these are easily available in India with a few companies doing wonders like, Purever. 


I know ‘charity’ is not a part of luxury, or necessity either, but it can surely become a part of our lifestyle.

Living in a country like us; poverty, beggary, and unemployment don’t come as a surprise. And that is the exact reason why we have subconsciously made our peace with it and it no longer bothers us. Maybe at times, it does, to a lot of us, but surely it doesn’t impact us enough to encourage us for making a change. So when we talk about lifestyle, I would like to propose that instead of considering charity a thing that we indulge in time to time, we should make it a part of our lifestyle.

And with the advent of technology, we have at our disposal a bunch of organizations that we can become a part of, sitting right at our homes.

Safe cars

Cars, in general, are linked with the status of a person. And it is one of the most popular things on the wish-list of most of us, as soon as there is a rise in our income.

But is buying the costliest or the latest car a wise decision?

Not exactly.

While making such a decision, we often give in to the peer pressure, and that is exactly what should not be the case. With vehicle technology making great advancements every day, it would be highly ignorant of any one of us, to ditch the safety parameters of a car and rather invest in the most pretty looking car around.

I am not saying that nice looking cars are not safe. Rather, what I am stating is that giving looks a priority over safety is something that we should refrain from.    

I agree, indulgence is important and has its place in our lives. And it is entirely justified, after all the hard work that we do. But, before indulgence, it is critical to make sure that things like safety and well-being of our family are completely taken care of.

Since, the true meaning of luxury is defined by how safe, comfortable and secure our loved ones are, at all times.

And as Joseph Conrad famously quotes, “Protection is the first necessity of opulence and luxury.”

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