Models across the globe- “Water is the secret element in every beauty regime”

Have you ever noticed, every beauty tip ever given, has a mention of water and its benefit in it?

No matter which part of the globe a model or a beauty expert belongs to, 9/10 times they will thank water for their flawless and healthy-looking skin. And why not? Water makes 60% of the human body and if that is taken care of, it is sure to show up on our outer beauty as well.

Plus skin- the largest organ of the human body is 64% water. It is our main barrier against the harsh effect of the environment and thus, it becomes a matter of necessity to keep this barrier healthy and intact. Patchy and dry skin are nothing but dents and breakage in our armor and should be avoided at all costs.

Water is a natural moisturizer and lubricant. Skin is made up of cells and water keeps the cells well lubricated and assists the process of cell-production. This, in turn, gives us a healthy and fresher looking skin.   

But is your skin still dry after drinking gallons of water?

Or have you spent thousands on the face and hair packs, but there is no effect on your skin?

Have you cursed the skin care regime which you have been religiously following for weeks but your skin still feels dry and unhealthy?

Have you tried all the organic products but still see no change?

The reason behind all of this is the quality of the water you use.

Yes, the water which is a vital part of every beauty regime. Almost every face-pack needs to be mixed with water. Though with the advent of technology in the beauty industry, we have face masks and sprays which don’t need to be mixed with anything. But in the end, the last element that we almost always use to wash off these is- water.

It has the ability to either retain or reverse all the good, that a regime might have done to your skin. It can either help the process of skin rejuvenation or spoil it completely.

One solution to this problem is- using water which is in its purest form and is rid of impurities.

Water which gets inside our homes is generally stored in plastic or concrete tanks. This water is then used for almost every activity- from brushing teeth, washing our hair to taking bath.

Do you think the water stored in these tanks is fit for all of these activities?

There are numerous studies which tell us how plastic is an unfit material for storing water. Did you know the expiry date on plastic bottles is not for the water but the expiration date of the plastic bottle? Plastic is made using harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A (BPA) and over time these chemicals start mixing with the water stored in it. Making it unfit for daily use.

Similarly, concrete tanks come with their own set of problems. It is prone to leakage, through which impurities get mixed with the water inside it. Both these materials are a good host for algae and bacteria, which gets mixed in water that we later use for our skin care.

No matter how costly or organic your beauty product is, if you are using contaminated water it is sure to damage your skin instead of doing anything good.

A potential solution to this problem is to change the way we have been storing our water.

Owing to the immense side effects of plastic and concrete water tanks, we at Purever, pledged to come up with a solution. After years of research and study conducted across the globe, we made- Stainless Steel Water Tanks.

Stainless steel is known to keep water in its purest form. It doesn’t allow the growth of any virus, algae or bacteria and keeps the water free from chemicals. There are endless benefits that stainless steel has.

With the pollution and our daily lifestyle taking a toll on our skin- it’s time for a change. For a better skin and a better tomorrow, we need to say no to plastic and other unfit materials for storing water.

Call on:  +1800-120-6232, to change your life for good. And not only make your skin look better but also improve the overall health of your family.

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