The Gift of Failure: Plastic – Switch to Stainless Steel Today.

Plastic is defined as a material which consists of a huge amount of synthetic or semi-synthetic organic compounds which can be easily molded into solid objects owing to its malleable nature. It has evolved tremendously over the years. Earlier plastic was used in its natural form, later chemically modified natural materials and now in the form of completely synthetic modules. 

And that is how a great invention of mankind turned into one of the biggest dangers to the environment and the health of humans.  

Plastic is a material which is widely used in our day to day life, in spite of its harmful effects that we are well aware of. The reason is the lack of commonly known alternatives to it. Another reason is that over the years we have become so used to plastic that seldom do we realize, that it is actually affecting the health of our loved ones and can even lead to deadly diseases. 

One such aspect of our lives where plastic has made a permanent place is the way in which we have been storing our water. Yes, from water bottles to the water tanks, all are mostly made up of harmful plastic, causing severe concerns. Yet, because we have been using it for years we actually never give it a second thought. We don’t even consider that a potential reason for our family members falling sick often can be improper ways of storing water. 

To find a suitable solution and help improve the health of Indian families, the team of Purever, traveled across the globe. To our relief, there were better alternatives being used in few of the most developed countries of the world. After years of study and understanding the technologies, we brought back to India a solution that can be and should be used in every household- stainless steel water tanks.

Let us see the major differences between a plastic and a stainless steel water tank.

PUREVER Stainless Steel Water Tanks Plastic Water Tanks
Non-reactive Material   Stainless steel doesn’t react with heat or water and thus, no harmful components. This keeps the family free from diseases.   Plastic Reacts With Heat and Produces BPA    Bisphenol A (BPA) is an organic synthetic compound present in plastic. And once it comes in contact with sunlight it reacts and gets mixed with the water stored in it. This can lead to dangerous diseases like reproductive hormone disorder.
Stored Water Remains 100% Acid Free Stainless steel is widely used in making utensils and cookware because it produces no harmful acids. Produces Acids Phthalic acids are commonly found in plastic which causes allergies, asthma & pregnancy complications.   
Chemical Free Material The water remains free from chemicals and toxins. Toxic Chemicals in Plastic Petroleum chemical present in plastic results in adverse effects on nervous system and respiratory irritation. 
Water Remains Odorless  Water in stainless steel tanks remain odorless, making it suitable for household activities.  Stored Water Becomes Smelly Plastic leaves an unpleasant smell in water, which makes it unfit to be used while brushing our teeth or other daily activity.
Water is Stored in its Purest Form  There is no change in the taste of water. Alters the Taste of water Stored water gets a weird taste which makes it unfit for drinking even after filtration.
Prevents Hair Loss Water in stainless steel tanks is in its pure form and thus it lessens hair fall instead of increasing it. Causes Hair Loss Hair fall is a major concern for most of us in today’s world and water stored in plastic tanks only add to it because of impurities and chemicals.
Doesn’t Allow Growth of Any Micro-organism Stainless steel prevents any such growth and maintains the purity of water. Supports Algae, Fungi and Bacteria Growth  The growth of such organisms is a normal occurrence in plastic water tanks.
Water Suitable for Gardening Water from Purever tanks is suitable for carrying out various household chores like watering plants and washing clothes. Water has Adverse Effect on Plants The water is mixed with so many chemicals and toxins that when plants are watered with it they get killed in the long run. 
Zero Maintenance Almost zero maintenance is required to keep the tanks in good condition. Regular Maintenance Required Plastic water tanks need time to time maintenance to keep it free from germs and growth of algae. 

These are just a few major difference between plastic water tanks and Purever stainless steel tanks. If studied in detail there are an ample number of concerns attached to plastic water tanks. 

So stop thinking now and switch to Purever stainless steel tanks today. Our tanks are made using 6 layer technology and we promise to keep water in its purest form. Let’s pledge for a better tomorrow and a healthy lifestyle for our families.

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