SS Water Tanks: Why 316 Stainless Steel & 316 Ti

If you’ve ever wondered about what’s in your Water Tank, then you’re not alone. Now more than ever, consumers are concerned about the materials in the Water Tank they use while constructing it. 

As a global leader in Stainless Steel Water Tanks innovation, we take pride in the investments made for the research of materials used in the development of our products.

We have invested in research and advanced technology to bring innovative products to market that are engineered and designed with purpose, and for a lifetime of use. Let’s take a look at what’s happened over the past few decades.

Introducing 316 Stainless Steel Water Tank

We chose 316 Stainless Steel due to its corrosion resistance properties, particularly against chlorides and other industrial solvents. Due to its non-reactive qualities, 316 Stainless Steel is also used in the manufacture of medical surgical instruments and bodily implants, in the dairy, food and beverage industries and meets the 3-A worldwide sanitary standards.

316 Stainless Steel for Other Applications:

But really, other than 316 SS Water Tank, what else is 316 Stainless Steel used for? 

Did you know that a large volume of stainless steel produced today (especially 316 stainless steel) can be found in products related to the food and beverage industries? Stainless steel is commonly found in commercial kitchens and food processing plants because: 

  • It can withstand shock and abrasive conditions found in kitchens or food processing plants. 
  • It can be easily cleaned, and can withstand repeated washing with the many chemicals and detergents employed to meet public health demands. 
  • It does not react to the alkalis and acids found in milk, cooked foods, vegetables, and food additives.

While 316 Stainless Steel is the reason why Water Tank performs exceptionally well, there’s nothing stopping us from stepping it up to a higher level. 

But what makes 316Ti Stainless Steel better than the rest?

Time to dig into the science behind the Water Tank, so get ready to learn moreā€¦

The 316Ti Stainless Steel Advantage

Type 316Ti is a titanium stabilized variation of alloy 316. This austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel contains molybdenum which increases the corrosion resistance, improves resistance to pitting chloride ion solutions and provides increased strength at elevated temperatures. Properties are similar to those of alloy 316 except that 316Ti can be used at elevated sensitization temperatures, due to its Titanium addition in the steel formation. So, this means that when 316 stainless steel is reinforced with titanium, corrosion resistance is improved, particularly against sulfuric, hydrochloric, acetic, formic and tartaric acids, acid sulphates and alkaline chlorides.

316 Stainless steel + Titanium = 316Ti

With The combined power of 316 Stainless Steel stabilized with Titanium protects the purity and flavour of the water in every climatic condition. But most importantly, because of 316Ti, our stainless-steel water tanks are not only made to last a lifetime, but also potentially durable enough to be shared with future generations to come.

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