Stainless Steel Water Tanks Requires – Low Maintenance

Purever stainless steel water tanks offer an outstanding way to store safe water and to supply it for betterment of people.

Over the time bacteria inside the water could cause algae formation in to appear. It’s forever a decent practice to wash or clean your stainless steel water tanks time to time to make them more durable and bacteria free.

The clean-up of the Stainless steel water tanks is very important to take care of for a decent corrosion free finish. Stainless steel is simple to wash, cleaning with soap or mild detergent and warm water followed by a clear water rinse generally being adequate.

Things to avoid while cleaning your Stainless Steel Water Tank

  • Do Not Use Abrasive Cleaners it could Scratch the Surface
  • Depending on the surface Finish and Material grade of your SS Tank, abrasive cleaners could cause scratching. If you have got a dull finish, it most likely won’t show scratching as much as a mirror or extremely polished finishes tend to. Usually, SS will not have to be compelled to be scrubbed.
  • Do Not Forget to Rinse
  • Gritty or dirty water could leave a residue on your tank. It may also stain or pit the surface of your SS tank. Make sure to rinse fully. Similarly, residue from cleaning solutions left on a stainless steel surface would stain or harm the surface finish. Rinsing is no doubt a key part of cleaning Stainless steel water tanks.
  • Do Not Use Abrasive material or Steel Brushes
  • These type of products leave little particles inside the surface of the steel and inevitably these particles begin corroding and staining the surface of the steel.
  • They also can overly scratch the surface of your stainless steel tank. Keep completely far away from steel wool and steel brushes.

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