Diseases Occurring in India Due to Infected Water

Contaminated Water is harmful for human body the effects may feel you sick and can also cause numerous diseases.  Water storage is the easiest way where bacteria can attack and get water contaminated. The water cleansing process is not that much effective to completely purify the water and make it contaminated free. 

Some of the common diseases caused due to contaminated water are as follows:


Contaminated water is the major cause of Malaria disease. The mosquitoes breed at the stagnant water produces an oversized range of female anopheles mosquitoes, the anopheles mosquito bites causes the protozoan infection.


Cholera is caused by dehydration and weakness in the patients. Generally, it happens because of the sewage water, once mixed with drinking water. The people who drink this mixed water can have an effect on with cholera. Individuals should watch out largely during rainy seasons as it might attack easily and quickly. This ends up in the areas that are underdeveloped.


Gastroenteritis could be a waterborne disease that happens because of contaminated water. This can be principally seen in people who consume contaminated drinking water. This kind of sickness could have symptoms like nausea, slight fever and vomit sensation.

Hepatitis A:

Hepatitis A affects the person at the liver. This illness makes your liver to be enlarged. The sickness could also be caused due to the bacterium that is known as hepatitis. This can be principally transmitted through the contaminated drinking water.

So, as before long as you discover any of those symptoms ought to approach the close doctor and should be treated quickly to recover in early stage.

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