Why Purever SS Water Tanks:

Stainless Steel Water Tank Series

Purever manufactures Stainless Steel Water Tanks in custom sizes for industrial and commercial purposes. Every single Water Tank is designed by using state of the art technology and surgical stainless steel. To maintain the water purity and avoid the entry of any unwanted objects, Purever Stainless Steel Water Tanks are fixed with Lock Latches. The dual protective system retains the pureness of the water, giving no harm to the condition of the Stainless Steel Water Tanks. Due to the durability and the longevity material, we opted Stainless Steel as the key component. Stainless Steel water tanks are weather and UV resistant keeping the water in the exact same condition clean and unaffected. To create the least maintenance and low servicing water tanks, we use Stainless Steel which is highly resistive to corrosion. On the top of the stainless steel water tank we have placed a water level controller so that water does not exceed capacity and to avoid its wastage.

For pure, healthy and refreshing water these stainless steel water tanks have the technology that is used in advanced countries. Purever truly believes that by optimum technology usage, we can deliver high value products.   

Benefits of Purever Stainless Steel Water Tanks:

  1. 100 % Surgical Stainless used for these Water Tanks.
  2. Equipped with Customized Stainless Steel Fittings.
  3. Protects the Quality, Purity and flavor of the water.  
  4. Providing the hygiene, durability and efficient water storage.
  5. No Chemical Contamination in water results in Healthy life.
  6. State of the Art Technology & finest material used.
  7. Its solidity defends the water in every climate.
  8. Strong life and Low maintenance required.
  9. Easy drainage system for ease in Water tank cleaning.
  10. Convenient fittings for Domestic and Commercial locations.

For any Information Visit: https://www.purever.in
Toll-Free: +1800-120-6232 
Mob: 9877777892, 9877777893

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