Purinox: How Purever Spread Happiness in a Family.

Nishant Goyal, a 38-year-old graphic designer at a reputed multi-national company recently bought a Purever Purinox stainless steel water tank, customized according to his needs. He was extremely happy about his purchase. This is what he had to say about Purever and his recently installed Purinox stainless steel water tank:

“I shifted into my current place of residence some 5 years ago. As it was an upgrade to a new, posh locality, I was quite excited to live here. I had saved money for a lot of years to be able to afford a home in a cleaner, healthier and safer environment. I was quite happy for the first few days, after which I noticed some discrepancies with my place of residence.

This society that I came to stay in was being supplied water from a nearby plant, under the Delhi Jal Board. This was what shocked me, as the water was hard water. First I noticed a change in the taste of water, then the fact that the water was not the same on the tongue.

It did not strike me that the problem might have been with the water tank. The tank was a generic black plastic water storage tank, which was installed in almost all the homes around mine. But then I realized that the tank was the main culprit. I had to change it. I couldn’t bear with that kind of water. I earlier had a concrete underground tank built at my place, which had started giving us a problem. However, after coating it, the water coming through our taps became fine. This was our first time with a plastic tank.

I decided that it was time for a change. I researched and came across this company called Purever. Purever sells stainless steel water tanks. In the beginning, I was skeptical about the tanks, as they were a little expensive on the pocket, as compared to plastic tanks. And I couldn’t go with concrete tanks here, as there was a lack of space. So, I decided to go with stainless steel tanks. The executives that I met from the company were extremely courteous and were experts when it came to stainless steel, and water storage.

Since I have installed Purever Water Tanks, I have been drinking good water. There’s a considerable difference in the taste and texture of the water. And there’s no need for me to shampoo as much as I used to, with the plastic tank. My clothes also use a lesser amount of soap. There’s no hardness in the water, and it shows.”

Seema Goyal, Nishant’s wife says, “I am extremely happy with my husband’s choice. There are, but a few good decisions he ever makes, and this was one of them. I have seen considerable change in the quality of water that comes through our taps, while drinking, washing clothes and utensils, and bathing. We are so happy with Purever, that we’re very soon going to install their water filters, which I have researched have 5 stage water purification technology.”

There’s always this sense of happiness and gratitude in the entire team of Purever, whenever someone comes up and sends us their regards. Hearing how glad people are, after switching from plastic water storage tanks to Purever stainless steel water tanks, keeps us highly motivated. Do try our Purever Purinox stainless steel water tanks for your homes, and feel the difference in your water, yourself. Check here for more details: https://purever.in//

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